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About Popcorns & Binkies Rescue Haven


Popcorns & Binkies Rescue Haven is a charitable not-for-profit small animal rescue located in Winnipeg, MB

(Registered Charity # 70519 9321 RR0001)

The rescue was founded in 2017 by a husband & wife team, Cindy & Jeff Hildebrand, both from Winnipeg. 

Cindy & Jeff have spent the past decade working with and advocating for a variety of animals. 

The rescue’s focus is on the often misunderstood “pocket pets” and exotic animals (such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, hedgehogs, etc).  The team at Popcorns & Binkies Rescue Haven strives to create a better understanding of how to properly care for and provide for these animals through education, as well as an extensive adoption process that includes multiple reference checks and interviews.  The team has rescued, rehabilitated and re-homed hundreds of animals over their years in operation, and continues to better the lives of the animals in their care.


Meet Cagney and Lacey, a pair of French Lop ladies, approx. 5.5 years old.

Where one goes, the other is sure to follow. They are very curious buns, and love exploring. It is very hard to tell them apart at first, but once you get to know them, their personalities are slightly different. Lacey is more friendly and she loves being pet!

Cagney loves to explore new areas, but once she’s done exploring, she appreciates affection just as much as her sister. Cagney is the more dominant bun and can get a little feisty sometimes (usually when she’s hungry).

They get a 9/10 for litter box skills, but a 7/10 for housekeeping skills. They make lots of messes out of their hay (we call them ‘hay tornadoes’).

They are big buns and need lots of room to roam and hop around. They’re always on the lookout for some cardboard (or anything that looks like cardboard) to nibble on, so supervision is always necessary.

They are a fun pair and will be a great addition to any family. They get along great with kids and do well in a busy household. They do not get along with other pets in the house; being near other bunnies makes them anxious and puts them more on edge. When it’s just the two of them though, they seem to live in peace. They should be the only rabbits in the home. High preferences for a no-pet home.

Shortly after coming into rescue, the ladies were overly stressed and got into a few fights. This ended up with Cagney have a hole torn in her ear. The girls were separated for some time, and had to be rebonded. Cagney does still have a hole in the center of one of her ears that will never fully close. It has been examined several times by our vet, and it has healed very healthy! We think it just adds a little character!

Their adoption fee is $60.00 (for the pair).


Cagney & Lacey

Featured Critters

Not only do your monthly donations help us to sustain our day to day operations, but they will help to secure the future of our physical location.

Monthly Goal Tower (Mar 5, 2023) bunny right + clover.png
Year of the Rabbit Logo (purp, blue, orange) (1).png


On January 30, 2023, we launched our Stairway To Haven campaign, which coincides with The Year of the Rabbit.

After 5.5 years in operation, our need to grow into a physical location has become crucial to continuing the work that we are doing.  Beyond supplementing the space provided by our foster homes, a physical shelter would provide us the emergency intake space needed to handle the increasing trend of dumped and abandoned small animals requiring immediate placement.

This campaign has a financial goal of $150,000, which will allow us to establish a strong financial footing towards opening the door on a physical shelter location.  While we understand that this is a huge undertaking for our small team of dedicated volunteers, we are confident that with the help of our community, we can make it a reality for the animals that need our help.
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