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About Us

Welcome to Popcorns & Binkies Rescue Haven

At Popcorns & Binkies Rescue Haven, our mission is simple yet profound:


to provide a safe, loving, and nurturing environment for abandoned, neglected, and homeless small exotic animals.


Founded on a passion for animal welfare and a deep love for these gentle creatures, our haven serves as a sanctuary where small exotic animals can heal, thrive, and find their forever homes.


Our Story

Our journey began with a single act of compassion—rescuing a rabbit in need. It quickly became clear that there were many more rabbits and small exotic animals facing similar plights. With dedication and determination, we expanded our efforts, and Popcorns & Binkies Rescue Haven was born.


Named after the joyous leaps and playful antics of happy rabbits, our haven embodies the spirit of hope and second chances.

What We Do

Rescue and Rehabilitation

We take in rabbits and small exotic animals from various situations, including shelters, abandonment, and neglect.


Our dedicated team provides medical care, rehabilitation, and lots of love to help them recover and regain trust in humans.


Finding the perfect forever home for each small exotic animal is our ultimate goal.


We work diligently to match our rescues with loving families who understand the responsibilities of rabbit care.

Education and Advocacy

We believe that education is key to preventing small exotic animals abandonment.


We provide resources and information on proper care, promoting responsible pet ownership within our community.

Community Engagement

Our haven is not just a rescue; it’s a community hub.


We host events, workshops, and volunteer opportunities to engage and educate the public about small exotic animal welfare.

Why Choose Us?

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Experience and Expertise:


Our team comprises experienced caregivers and volunteers who are passionate about small exotic animal welfare.

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Comprehensive Care:

From medical treatment to socialization, we address every aspect of small exotic animal's well-being.


Lifetime Support:

Even after adoption, we offer ongoing support to ensure the well-being of our animals and their new families.

Join Us!

We invite you to join our mission. Whether you’re looking to adopt, volunteer, or donate, your support makes a significant difference in the lives of these wonderful animals. Together, we can create a world where every rabbit knows love, care, and happiness.


Thank you for being a part of the Popcorns & Binkies Rescue Haven family!

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Consider Making a Donation Today!

To help our physical shelter become a reality, we rely heavily on donors like you. 


$20,000 of $150,000 raised



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