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Fostering Requirements:

PBRH Poster - Foster (gerbil).png

All Fosters:

* Live within approx. 30 or so minutes of Dakota Veterinary Hospital (NOTE: An exception may be made for those that have extensive experience caring for the animal that they are fostering.  Maximum of 1 hour away.)

* Must have access to a vehicle for vet appointments, meet & greets and picking up supplies

* Ability to keep foster(s) away and safe from predatory animals (IE cats & dogs).

* Be able to communicate via email on a regular basis, as well as join our foster group on Facebook

* Be willing to supply fresh veggies on a daily basis (all other supplies will be provided)

* Willingness to abide by all rescue policies & procedures

Rabbit Fosters:

* Have a minimum space of 16 square feet of floor space for an x-pen (4ft x 4ft). We do not cage our rabbits.

* Clean their litter box on a daily basis

* Launder blankets/bedding on a regular basis

* Any rabbits in the home must be vaccinated against RHD (proof will be required)

Guinea Pig Fosters:

* Ability to allow out of cage/enclosure time on a daily basis.

* Daily spot cleaning of the enclosure

* Launder bedding on a regular basis

Other Critters:

* Varies based on the animal being fostered.

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