Monetary donations can be sent via
e-transfer to:

To donate via Paypal, please click the donate button below.

Donations can also be made directly to our vet account by calling our friends, Dakota Veterinary Hospital at (204) 255-8811 with a credit card.

You can also stop into the clinic at 1026 St. Mary's Road and make a donation with a cash/debit/credit card.

Click here to visit our Amazon wishlist.
Below are items commonly needed for our rescue.
Items that are underlined are our most urgent needs.
* Paper Fluff Bedding (Carefresh, Critter Care, etc)
* Timothy Hay
* Gas and Grocery Store Gift Cards
* X-Pens
* Wood stove pellets (Soft or Hardwood)
* Glass Water Bottles
* Fleece Blankets*
* Paper towels, laundry soap, garbage bags
* Oxbow Rabbit & Guinea Pig Food
* Plastic storage bins (Rubbermaid type bins)
* Stamps, envelopes and office supplies
* Canadian Tire money
* Metal craft grids (for C&C cages)
* Large/Oversized cages (no wire bottoms)
* Plastic or wooden hutches for piggies
* Coroplast sheets